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Pallets : Backbone of the Warehouse

Wooden Pallet

Ideal for moving and storing goods in warehouses. Wooden pallets are made of tropical mixed hardwood (medium & light) and mostly preferred for heavier products / unit load. We do supply different types of timber species on special request.

We offer wide range of designs and sizes for wooden pallets. We can supply customized pallets based on customer specifications and requirements. For ASRS pallet, we do supply with barcode plate and label for manage pallet and tracking purpose.

Our Choices

4-Way Entry 9 Blocks Support Flushed

4-Way Entry ASRS Pallet

4-Way Entry Winged Light Weight Pallet

Bolted Oil Drum Pallet (3 Drums In One Stack)

Reconditioned Euro Pallet

Reconditioned Wooden Pallet