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Pest Free Pallet

An eco-friendly alternative to wooden pallet

Are natural wood pallets giving you problems whilst exporting?

Are natural wood pallets giving you problems whilst exporting?

If you are having problems with your pallets supply that go overseas and get inspected by custom like heat treatment, fumigation, pest invasion, worm holes etc, we have the solution to solve your “headache” and you can rest assured to have a good sleep.

We are a leading manufacturer of all kinds of Pest Free Pallets (IPPC Pallet & GPac Pallet). At LHT, our pest free pallets help export your goods without any headache. Best of all, it does not require any heat treatment, is pest free and exempted from ISPM 15 requirements – facilitating hassle-free exports to all international trade participating countries. Such as China, India, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines etc.

We provide sustainable and green pallets for

Export & International Shipment

IPPC Pallet

Pest Free Pallet

Innovative Process Product Conversion (IPPC) Pallets series provide eco-friendly packaging solutions that help customers reduce waste. IPPC Pallets conform to the standards set by the International Plant Protection Convention – ISPM 15, whereby our pallets are made of engineered woods which are exempted from heat-treatment or fumigation process. It is a pest free pallet with low moisture content at < 14%. This implies that during the loading process, there will not be any condensation or contamination in the containers.

GPac Pallet

Eco Green Engineered Pallet (Compressed Wood)

GPac Pallets are truly the solution to green packaging, being environmentally-friendly from raw material, production right through to disposal. Manufactured in Malaysia, GPac™ moulded pallets are used by various industries such as electronics, chemical and food. GPac™ pallets are resistant to moisture, termite attacks and fungi. Our patented design makes the pallet easily stackable, rackable and stored. All GPac™ pallets are ISPM 15 – exempted and RoHS compliant, which makes custom clearance a breeze.

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