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Choose pallet rental
for your supply chain

Choose pallet rental for your supply chain

Why choose pallet rental?

LHT offers you a pallet rental management solution to optimise your supply chain. Pallets Rental are shared assets and exchangeable, it is also more sustainable than purchasing your own pallets.

It reduces the number of trees cut to produce new pallets, hence pallet rental contributes to the reduction of waste, minimise carbon footprint and in optimising resources. At LHT, the lifespan of a pallet is optimised using the 3 R’s – reuse, reduce and recycle at the end of usable life.

Since we serve many companies nationwide, it’s able to coordinate the movement of pallets in a way that’s economically and environmentally efficient. We provide sustainable, cost efficient, ECR pallet and pooling services and products that assure you peace of mind in supply chain and warehouse storage. Our pallet rental system helps you to realise your sustainability ambitions.

LHT ECR Pallet Rental

Make your supply chain more efficient and economical with LHT’s rental pallets

Reduce your supply chain costs

By changing to pallet rental scheme, you can rent your pallets rather than buying them. Reduce capital investments and warehouse storage costs.

Ensure the continuity of your supply chain

We supply the amount of pallets you need for your supply chain activity, whenever and wherever you need them. Ensure the stock continuity and you no longer suffer from stock shortages.

Pallets always ready to use

After each use, our pallets are inspected and repaired if necessary. This way, we can extend their life and guarantee optimal quality, reducing the risk of accidents and downtime in your production line.

Repair of damaged pallets

Pallets identified as no longer suitable for use in our pool are inspected, processed and repaired at the LHP repair centre. There are then returned to LHP’s pallet pool for further use by our customers.

Sustainable & recyclable pallets

Wood pallets can be recycled or broken down naturally. We ensure the sustainable management for the end of life of our pallets by recycling those which are not repairable. All of the components of our pallets are recycled – including wood and nails.

“Renting pallets from a shared pool offers substantial savings and a significant return on investment, which explains its adoption by the majority of FMCG manufacturers, logistics & warehouse providers.”

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