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Box / Crate

Ship & Store Your Products Safely with LHT Packaging Solutions

IPPC Wooden Box & Crate

If you have products to deliver nationally or are shipping internationally, we can build custom boxes / crates to cater to your cargo’s dimensions and capacities. Our IPPC box / crate is made from environmentally-friendly processed wood and it can be built to the ISPM 15 international standard.

Being IPPC compliant as well, it does not require any fumigation or heat treatment. It is light-weight and convenient for packing and shipping. Our IPPC boxes / crates are suitable for any shipments going overseas and in-house products storage.

For more details, please visit : www.ippcpallet.com

IPPC Wooden Box

Military Box

General Shipping Box

Warehouse Storage Box

IPPC Wooden Crate

IPPC Wooden Crate

Collapsible Box / Pallet Collar

Collapsible Box, also known as Pallet collar, a unique concept for your export shipment and warehouse / in-house packaging.

An Individual Collapsible Box / Pallet Collar is fabricated using 4 wooden boards and 4 specially designed metal hinges. Metal hinges hold the boards together, provides locking system during mounting, and facilitate collar to be collapsible / foldable.

It is a standardised way of transporting goods and damaged collars can be replaced easily. A simple and versatile solution that allows to adjust the box height according to different goods type and stacking needs, with standard pallet size as base.

Main Features :

  • Eco saving 50% warehouse storage
  • Maximize the utilization of space
  • Flexible height and modular
  • Foldable when not in use, one-man setup work
  • Strong, durable and re-usable
  • Flexible packing solutions
  • Can be customized according to customer demand, flexibility & material to meet the requirements
  • Recyclable, Assemble, Collapsible and Foldable
  • Material : Pinewood
  • Size : 1200mm x 800mm x 195mm