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Finding the most sustainable pallet solution for your export?

Think LHT Pest Free Pallet

IPPC Pallet - Pest Free Pallet

Innovative Process Product Conversion (IPPC) Pallets series provide eco-friendly packaging solutions that help customers reduce waste. IPPC Pallets conform to the standards set by the International Plant Protection Convention – ISPM15, whereby our pallets are made of engineered woods which are exempted from heat-treatment or fumigation process.

IPPC Pallets are made of a combination of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) and technical wood. Henceforth, it is a better choice for palletized goods for shipment and export. These engineered wood products, better known as manufactured wood which underwent stringent process, high steam and high press which technically justified eliminating the wood pests during the process.

For more details, please visit : www.ippcpallet.com

Advantages of IPPC Pallet

  • ISPM compliant, which means that no further heat treatment or fumigation is required.
  • Pest free and low moisture content at < 14%. This implies that during the loading process, there will not be any condensation or contamination in the containers.
  • Eco-friendly. Contribution towards environmental protection.
  • High density but light weight and water resistant.
  • Ease in Custom Clearance.
  • Ease in administrative work.
  • No cracks, higher nail holding power.
  • Space-saving and is safe and clean for warehouse storage.

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Light Weight Four Way Entry

IPPC Pallet Double Deck Pallet

IPPC Pallet Two Way Entry High Legged

IPPC Pallet Single Deck Two Way

IPPC Pallet Two Way Entry

IPPC Pallet Four Way Block

IPPC Pallet Two Way Entry Flat

IPPC Pallet Four Way Block Or Beam Combination