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About Us

Lian Hup Packaging Industries Sdn Bhd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of LHT Holdings Limited, is a pallet manufacturer and pallet pooling company in Malaysia. Our core businesses are manufacturing high quality wooden pallets, cases and crates, and providing rental service for ECR pallets. We can also supply customized pallets based on customer specifications and requirements.

Our headquarters, LHT Holdings Limited is a main board-listed company of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) since 1999. Established in 1977, LHT is one of the largest manufacturing companies in Singapore and becomes a pallet leader in the logistics, warehousing and supply chain. Over the 40 years, LHT was the first to transform from making traditional wood pallets into environmentally friendly pallets that were made of recycled wood materials for export, automation and storage.

For more information on LHT Group, please click here : www.lht.com.sg

Journey with the SMF <br>- LHT Holdings Limited

Journey with the SMF
- LHT Holdings Limited

Manufacturer - Wooden Pallet & Wooden Box/Crate | Pallet Rental Service

We Manufacture, We Customise, We Recycle And Reproduce Engineered Wood

LHT Corporate Structure

Awards By LHT

  • 2022 – SBR National Business Awards
  • 2020 & 2021 – WorldStar Winner awarded by World Packaging Organisation (WPO)
  • 2017 – Singapore Productivity Awards (SPA) was initiated by Singapore Business Federation (SBF)
  • 2014 – SMF Business Model Innovation Award by Singapore Manufacturing Federation
  • 2014 – Safety and Security Watch Group Scheme (SSWG) Merit Award by Singapore Police Force
  • 2013 – 3R Packaging Award co-hosted by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation
  • 2012 – Sustainability Award by the Singapore Business Federation
  • 2005 – Singapore Packaging Star Award
  • 2005 – SEC-Senoko Power Green Innovation Award
  • 2002 – Received the 21st Century, Global Triumphant Product Golden Rim Award from the Medium Business Development Association of China

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